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Invent Safe Operations

Inventa Safe Operations Solution

Problem we are solving

  • Employee safety is of utmost importance to management and governments
  • Monitor employees attendance across operating locations of the organisation to ensure contact tracing and alerts as required
  • Physical-Distancing outlined as a key measure by health officials and experts
  • Adherence to multiple and rapidly changing Governmental regulations, and proof of compliance when needed
safe operations

Inventa safe operations solution (ISOS)

Proactive measure for minimising contact and automating presence registering

  • Mobile based Physical Distancing measure for the workforce
  • Allows Businesses to adhere to Public safety guidelines
  • Using Inventa’s market proven and ready-to-plugin technology
  • From Home
  • From Office
  • From Store
  • From Warehouse
  • From partner office


The Inventa Solution Suite works across customer facing industries for myriad user journeys

The Inventa platform provides a true omni-channel solution by engaging with consumers in their micro moments

Create innovative, differentiating Customer Journeys

Enhance engagement with communication triggers basis dynamic profile created basis preference, real time location.

Unique gamification experiences to boost customer engagement and click throughs.