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Inventa Online-Offline (O2O) Hyper Personalization

Inventa location based Personalisation Solution

Problem we are solving

The need of the hour is to blend offline and online behaviours to get a 360° view of the Consumer.

  • The consumer’s physical profile is not married to their online profile.
  • This results in a limited view of the customer.
Problem we are solving
Inventa solution

Inventa solution

A first-of-its-kind and complete O2O Communication Platform for Consumer Businesses

  • Uses patented tech and proprietary algorithms for Mobile and IoT devices
  • Matches a user’s Online/digital profile and preferences with precise Offline/physical location.
  • Deliver relevant communication optimizing time and location and drives conversion
  • Provide detailed O2O analytics to measure ROI
  • Seamlessly identify and engage customers moving between their online and physical storefronts.
  • Data Privacy compliant

Deliver Hyper Personalized Experiences For Your Users

No more manual segmentation. The Inventa solution dynamically segments users based on
location time and preferences across the online and offline world view.


The Inventa Solution Suite works across customer facing industries for myriad user journeys

The Inventa platform provides a true omni-channel solution by engaging with consumers in their micro moments

Create innovative, differentiating Customer Journeys

Enhance engagement with communication triggers basis dynamic profile created basis preference, real time location.

Unique gamification experiences to boost customer engagement and click throughs.