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The Inventa Location based and Visit management solution blends the offline and online behavior of the consumer

Our retail Solution ensures customer engagement through hyper personalised experiences enabled by advanced analytics and accurate location based profiling and Dynamic segmentation

  • Targeted and tailored promotions that bring the most value to the customer based on their preferences
  • Offer instant gratification for enrollment and redemption through gamification.
  • Hyper personalised notifications when users are close to stores, increasing store visits.
  • Accurate store visit and point of interest measurement to obtain invaluable insights.
  • Grow loyal base by geo-targeting member exclusive offers
  • Improve retention and customer lifetime value with high relevance logic.
  • Schedule and deliver services like Click and Collect, concierge services etc.
  • Product Inventory-led rules based Communication

Hence Enhances Engagement and Conversions in the retail world. and drive customer life time value



Inventa solution integrated with the payment mobile app delivers high-impact experiences to card users and partners.

Inventa gives mobile payment apps a better contextual relevance.

Customers get directed to places where the mobile payments are accepted with high relevance.

Notification when the user is inside or approaching a store where payment can be made via mobile.

A connection between a location and the app drives repeat transactions when the consumer is at the same location.

Leverage real time event triggers to immediately identify opportunities or risks.

Boost upsell, and cross-sell revenues with personalized micro moment communications.

‚ÄčOptimize margin and the overall customer experience

Dramatically increase wallet and digital transactions and CLTV

Manufacturing & operations

The Inventa safe operations solution

  • Help employees navigate between worksites
  • Automate and Monitor employees attendance across operating. Sites, locations of the organisation and brings more transparency to both employees and employer. ensure contact tracing and alerts as required
  • With real time location visibility you can track employee productivity across sites
  • Communicate with employees spending time in across work sites, with personalised location and time -based notifications.
  • Mobile based Physical Distancing measure for the workforce.
  • Allows Businesses to adhere to Public safety guidelines
  • Without downtime