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Frequently Asked Questions

Inventa adheres to the highest standards of User data privacy and protection. Inventa does not store Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or Personal Sensitive Information (PSI) as defined by leading privacy regulations globally such as GDPR in the EU.

Inventa’s processing and usage of User data is bound by strict measures imposed by our customers that are leading global Businesses and Brands.

The Inventa Cloud architecture maintains a clear separation between microservices (application) and data that is available from our customers. Customer data (including the end-user data) is stored on systems that are hosted at the customer’s end and used by the Inventa Cloud over secure and private connections that are managed by Inventa.

On the mobile device side, the Inventa SDK uses strong code obfuscation and data encryption measures offering highest levels of protection for the customer data maintained on the device.

The Inventa product design is led by a couple of key principles. Firstly, hyper-personalization of communication to the user leads to higher relevance and engagement, in a world where users are being bombarded by communication delivered via Push-notifications, Email, Text messages and Location services.

Secondly, user control on the who, when and where they receive communication from a Brand, is key to growing user loyalty and satisfaction, leading to better conversion over the user lifecycle for that Brand.

The Inventa communication delivers on these design principles with features such as deep profile matching, User opt-ins, precise positioning for communicating at the most opportune place and time, notification auto-mute, and many more.

Inventa offers extreme flexibility to our customers in communicating with their users at multiple distances relative to their offline presence - ranging from a few feet to a few kilometers.

This allows customers to configure Inventa for multiple scenarios (e.g. Neighborhood, Near-store, In-store communication) and use cases (e.g. Retail, Payments, Loyalty program, Service info)

The Inventa SDK size has been optimised over multiple releases and several years to offer a perfect balance of functionality and size impact to our customer’s App.

The size impact depends on the redundancy of software libraries used by Inventa and the App, and can be assessed by our team upon request. 

Is the integration of Inventa with the customer’s App and deployment, an easy exercise?

Inventa can be integrated with a customer’s App in a couple of days on both platforms - Android and iOS - with best-in-class API documentation, Release notes and Tech support that’s available to our customers.

Inventa can be deployed in less than a week with its easy-to-use and intuitive admin console, data bulk upload feature and APIs to automate multiple system integration tasks.

Yes. We have a couple of ways for Businesses to experience the Industry-leading Inventa hyper-personalization and location led communication.

Firstly, please visit the Demo page on our website by clicking <here>.

The demo offers an inside look at the Inventa setup on the customer admin console, the dashboard with all the metrics the customer needs to measure ROI on their communication, and the user experience delivered by the Inventa SDK.

Secondly, we can set up a live trial with a limited number of users at your organization, that includes access to the Inventa App for Android and iOS users.

Please write to us at meetus@cuttingchaitech.com if you are interested in a live trial, we will promptly follow up with the link to our trial registration page.