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Inventa powers leading businesses and use cases in India and SEA such as Tata Cliq for Omni retail, Starbucks India for Loyalty, Kaspro Indonesia for Mobile payments.

Inventa is licensed by Cutting Chai Technologies (CCT), an early stage wireless deep tech company based in Mumbai, India. CCT is a provider of leading-edge Mobile/IoT technology and products that reimagine communication between people, content and businesses in an Omni world.

CCT Story

CCT Story

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The Team

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Product Solutions

Product Solutions

Inventa is a first-of-its-kind Mobile Platform and SDK that uses patented mobile positioning technology to match User online behavior with his/her precise location to deliver hyper personalization and communication to the User at the most relevant time and place for leading Businesses and Brands.
Inventa enables Businesses/Brands to significantly drive conversions from Store footfalls into sales by solving the single biggest problem that plagues all Consumer businesses in the new Omnichannel world – How can I identify preferences of Consumers present around and in my Stores at a specific time and place, and further communicate in real-time to incentivise walk-ins.


Tech Stack

Tech Stack

Advanced Geo-fencing, Geo-targeting, Proximity and ML/AI tech with a single solution

Quick Integration
Integrate the SDK with your Android and iOS Apps in days

Data Privacy
Inventa adheres to the highest standards of User data privacy and protection.

Inventa does not store Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or Personal Sensitive Information (PSI) as defined by leading privacy regulations globally such as GDPR in the EU.

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